• Who We Are

    C. Elise School of Music was founded by Chauncey Elise in 2020. After teaching at various studios across the US and teaching kindergarten, 1st and 4th grades in public school; Chauncey realized that there is a lack of music education within the system. Though the arts exist in schools, in most areas, music is only taught a couple days a week, limiting the amount of in depth content a musician can teach while simultaneously overloading the music teacher. Understanding this lack and the inability to do as much within the confines of the education system, Chauncey decided to make a difference in her own way. Because she desired to teach an in depth theory foundational knowledge as well as a passion and respect for music, she created her own studio, C. Elise School of Music. Most people assume that music is easy until they begin learning if they never began at an early age. For some it comes easier, but in most cases, learning an instrument is like learning a new language; it takes time, discipline, dedication, passion, respect and fun. C. Elise School of Music aims to instill the passion, encourage fun while also teaching the discipline and respect for the instrument and music in general.